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Every year, the Disney theme parks give millions of tourists the chance to enjoy, entertain and enjoy themselves. Disney has launched the DISNEY HUB website for its employees and staff to access all the data and advantages required.

The portal is helpful to find the significant data for companies and employees. Since the last 90 years the Disney Hub business has been working for the sector. The number has now reached 195,000. Great sounds, okay?

Hub Disney

And now, by following the specified easy procedure and access the Disney Hub Account login, the hub Disney wants to create things easier. Here the staff can handle their own accounts. You can also plan online your job by using the Disney Hub internet facilities. The key concept for constructing the internet portal was the connectivity between staff and various departments and the various staff.

Rules for Disney Members/Employees

  1. Everything is Disney


And what is a Cast member’s most significant thing to do? Of course, remain in character. The world of that character becomes your world if you play a Disney character. You are not permitted to refer to any pop culture outside of the universe of Disney. You can’t say anything about the costume Snow White or Peter Pan or whoever you’re playing, whether this is the newest iPhone or Harry Potter’s park across Orlando, as soon as you give the costume up to the time you take it off.

  1. Height requirements

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Just as you must be 44 inches high to ride Space Mountain, you must be a height to depict some Disney roles. In particular, anyone who wants to perform a Disney princess–yes, any princess–has to be between 5’4′′ and 5’8′′. You may also play other characters, including Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Wendy from Peter Pan if you are shorter, from 4’11 “to 5’2′′.

  1. Looking the part

Disney has plenty of demands for the physical appearance of its staff from hair to fingernails. The hair of women must be in a “classical” style with a natural colour. Actually women can have highlights but according to Disney’s career page, they must be “subtle, well mixed and over the whole head.” Men can not cover their ears or be long enough to reach their necks. Men are allowed to have facial hair, but it must be neat, and it can’t be longer than a quarter of an inch.

For anyone operating with food or merchandise there are also very special fingernail rules. You can’t stretch your finger nails over and over and you can’t wear nail polishes or fake nails. Surprisingly, you can have a tattoo— but it must be covered fully by garments or opaque maquillage.

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  1. Jewel Rules

Disappointed man is taking off his wedding ring isolated on black - divorce concept

When wearing jewels, Disney universe means that females and males are permitted to wear only one ring on each side, rigid laws apply to their staff. We also permitted females to wear an earring, but wearing an earring were not permitted for males.

  1. First name basis

Cast Members are known only by their first names— no “Mr.” or “Miss.” It is rumoured that the tradition dates back to himself. He said that he always called him Walt and not Mr. Disney at Disney’s parks. Staff also wear nametags with their first names only. Is this law weirder? Duplicate names are not permitted for Cast members. Disney can still employ several persons with the same first name, but the last initials are not used— one of the individuals has to choose a fresh name for Disney. It looks somewhat strange, but perhaps on the bright side they could see it as a personality.

  1. What’s the point?

There is a special way to point Disney employees. They cannot point one finger, if they give instructions, because they might be seen as rude. They use a unique Disney point instead, often with two fingers, or even with the entire side. In addition to being generally friendly, it will be more child-friendly because kids can see more easily.

  1. Garbage disposal

Row of trash bins with garbage, recycling, and compost cans along a wall

If a Cast Member sees a garbage on the earth, then he or she must collect the waste— there is no room for litter on Earth in the Happiest Place. But they can’t just pick it up— Disney staff need a unique way of collecting garbage. The garbage must be collected with a graceful “swoop-and-scoop” movement rather than squatting down. This sounds like a lot of fun to exercise.

  1. They’re all-knowing

Performers take part in a parade at the Disney Resort in Shanghai, China, on the eve of its grand opening. The debut of Shanghai Disneyland offers Walt Disney Co. "incredible potential" for boosting its brand in the world's most populous market, Disney's chief executive said Wednesday ahead of Thursday's grand opening for the $5.5 billion park

If someone asks a Cast Member a question about the park, those three deadly words— “I don’t know”— are absolutely forbidden. Even if it’s true, the Cast Member must ask another employee or call a park operator until they find out the answer

  1. Speaking in code

There are always a few unpleasant body fluid-related incidents with lots of little children (and livestock) going through the park. Thankfully, Disney has a unique way of identifying them without grossing out anybody. Staff use the’ Code V’ for a stroke and the’ Code P’ or’ Code U’ for the urine. If a horse parade hits the park, this is a “Code H.”

  1. Accurate autographs

Mickey Mouse giving a girl his autograph, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

An autograph of your favourite character is one of the funniest components of any journey to Disney, particularly for children. The signature of every character, regardless who plays that character, is different and has a recognizable look. Irrespective of how your own handwriting appears, you will have to undergo “auto-training,” so you can write like Mickey Mouse.

  1. Silence is golden

Sure, you can be hard enough to make sure you’re only saying things your personality would say when you’re playing a human personality— whether a princess, Frontierland’s Old West frontiersman, or Tomorrowland’s Space explorers. However, you’re not permitted to speak at all, when your face isn’t visible–think Mickey, Donald Duck and the Beast. It may not sound magical, but hey, nor is it a silent, non-mousy voice from a constantly smiling Minnie that has to play the role for hours to go.

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